The Project

Tinder meets Indeed – So many out there are looking for “the one”. Their perfect match, their missing piece, their other half. How about their ideal employer? Whitetruffle is a service that matches tech professionals with job opportunities that fit their skills to a tee. Think online dating, but with professional boundaries.

Create a profile and companies will begin to match automatically based in your previous experience, skills and interests.

You can even “swipe” through various jobs in hopes that they match with you.

The Challenge

How do you take a mature desktop application and translate it to a mobile app. The client didn’t want a simple “responsive” web application – they wanted to create a unique mobile experience that not only offered the same innovate career search and matching platform, but add in something “extra” to tie in today’s modern user experience patterns and expectations.

The main objective was to provide users with a convenient and effective experience as they take the next step in their career. The app serves as a tool to connect companies with qualified candidates on-the-go through push notifications and a simple interface.

The Solution

A sleek native mobile experience with unique interactions built just for the mobile app. Intuitive dashboards to give you activity and status updates at a glance. Playful micro-copy that hints its Tinder-esque inspiration. A fun swipe gesture to easily browse through jobs that could be a good match rather that wade through a sea of jobs that don’t relate.

The design was based off of a recent rebrand and incorporated all the color and style of the main website. The Truffle Pig as a navigator, a personality behind the application that would guide and onboard the user and appear sporadically offerings hints and tips to the user to further guide them in their journey.

Example – the signup process