The Problem

Genius Sports and Betgenius attend over 200 events per year. Most of our events have demo units set up so that visitors can play around with our software. It’s a sales tool to start conversations with prospective clients interested in offering a sportsbook in their casino or betting operation.

The dev time it takes to create customized fully functional demo was just too much – and it often derailed product enhancement and roadmap priorities. It was simply too much effort on a risky return. Our commercial teams often asked for a more customizable solution to show clients what the sportsbook might look like branded with their logo and company colors. The dev teams said no. But the UX team – we said yes.

The Solution

We built a near fully functional (on the rails) sportsbook demo made especially for events and client meetings where we wanted to showcase a turnkey solution for sportsbook software. I was able to work with a single front-end dev to help me parse JSON data that could be used to simulate any sporting event, advertisement schema and feature scenario.

Theme Editor

The theme editor allowed for real-time demo customization. There were also pre-sets we could setup to allow for a quick showcase of possible themes.