Hi, I’m Jason!

Creative and UX Leader based in Los Angeles.


With over 15 years of creative, product development and UX leadership experience, I’ve built amazing teams of super-talented individuals and guided the craft behind product solutions for companies big and small.



This website is currently under construction, I’m working to make my portfolio work more accessible. If you want a peek behind the curtain, please send me an email.

“The best piece of advice I’ve received as a senior leader is to hire someone better than you as your Director. That’s who Jason was to me. He is a driven and passionate design leader who is equally comfortable discussing the scalability of development solutions and how the work of famous psychologists drives persuasive design. He built a dynamic and flexible design and prototyping team that spread out across the globe and could nimbly respond to requests ranging from next-generation AI-driven software solutions, to investor presentations (that secured a major acquisition), to double-decker trade show booths, all the way down to the day-in-day-out of social media posts. He was unafraid to respectfully challenge me and my decisions with thoughtful and comprehensive positions, and most of the time when he did – he was right. Jason is a phenomenal talent, a passionate leader, a thoughtful man, and has my unequivocal recommendation.”

Jeffrey Mahacek

VP of Design, Nerdwallet